Thursday, April 30, 2015

Barn IV

Today I was in not in the mood to paint but I still wanted to do something, so I went through one of my files of sketches and pulled out this one that I did a couple of years ago (see post on 25 September 2013).

I remember it well, the run in shed had a tree growing out through its roof and a small barn beside it looked as though it would fall over in a strong wind. I need to go back and see if the building is still standing and how big the tree has grown.

Beginning with the leaning barn, I used the higher roof line, ran the lifted pieces of tin on the roof keeping them bent and twisted, changed the windows to a barn door, added a door to the hay loft, and removed a number of barn boards from the building.

I proceeded to do some work on the run in shed, starting with the tree growing through the roof, then I twisted the tin around it and bent the edges. I set the side door partially off its hinges showed the old dirt inside the shed and indicated the barn board on the building.

The big barn didn't need a lot of work, I fixed the roof line, added another lightning rod, put in the barn boards, some stonework at the base of the building added a vent hole at the top of the front of the barn.

Lastly I added a fence behind the big barn and another in front of the trees at the back of the pasture. I put some grasses and growies along the path from the barn.

This is an original 6-1/2" x 9” graphite pencil drawing available when matted and shrink wrapped for $50.00.