Friday, May 29, 2015

Swimming Pools and Seadragons

Another hot and humid day with the temperatures reaching 81F (27.2C) and with the humidity making it feel like 85F (29.4C), but there is a storm in the air and I know with tomorrow being even warmer with higher humidity we should have thunderstorms, which I always enjoy watching.

We had gotten a swimming pool for my dog, Kyora earlier this month and she was quite happy to take a nice long refreshing dip in her very own pool. An added benefit of this is at least it keeps her out of the horse trough in the barn yard.

Since we are on the subject of animals in water I thought I would share this live camera feed of Weedy Sea Dragons that I came across at the Aquariums of the Pacific website.  The Aquarium is located at 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802, USA; this is another of the many places I would like to visit.

The live cam feed is courtesy of the Explore website, I thought you may enjoy watching them and check out some of the other cam feeds and films on their site.