Sunday, October 24, 2010

Carousel Horse

The last time we were in Aruba we had planned to go and explore the caves on our last day since we can't dive 24 hours prior to our flight.

Unfortunately, we rented a new KIA with less than 800 miles on it which broke down in the middle of Arikok National Park. Fortunately, one of the tours takes ATVs through the Park and they called a tow truck for us.

By the time the tow truck arrived in the middle of nowhere, got us back to civilization and had the piece of junk replaced with another one, it was too late to go back and see the caves.

This year we made sure we rented a North American built car and visited the caves on our first day. They were well worth going back to Aruba to explore.

This 15" x 20” graphite pencil drawing is the first in a series of Carousel Horse drawings for hand coloured limited edition prints. I will post them once the edition is printed and in each of the different colours.

The Carousel Horse graphite pencil original will be framed and available for purchase in after the prints are produced for $445.00.