Monday, March 21, 2016

Coon Lake VII and IX - Two Works in Progress

Today I was with the Lakefield Creative Art Guild and decided to work on one of the sketches I did while on Loon Call Lake last year (see post on 29 July 2014).

First I put in the distant shore and trees.

Next I added the outline of the rocks as a base for the tree and vegetation.

I took my time with the tree to capture the broken limbs and the way the branches were bent from the wind.

I added bushes at the base of the tree and growies around the rocks.

Coon Lake VII

After lunch I decided to start on another sketch of Coon Lake and leave the first one until I decide what else it needs.

I put in the outline of the rocks and a few water ripples below them.

Next I added some bushes, small trees and growies on the rocks.

Coon Lake IX

I will post each of these drawings once more work on them has been completed.