Saturday, July 23, 2016

6th Annual Art @ the Locks Show

Today we will set up the exhibit for Art @ the Locks, hosted by the Lockside Trading Company in Young's Point, Ontario.

It is located by Lock 27 on the Trent Severn Waterway and we will be able to enjoy watching the boats go through the Lock all weekend.

First the tent was set up that Norma and I will use for our display, it was close by a couple of cedar trees which would provide shade during the course of the day.

Tables and grids were set up next and it was time to decide how to display the various paintings in the space available.

Originally I had a large watercolour painting on an easel by the front of the tent, but as the sun came around in the morning it was in direct sunlight.

With the high heat (32C) and humidity (38C) it could cause the glass to sweat and damage the painting, so I moved it to the back of the tent where it would be shaded throughout the show.

After getting myself a cup of tea, I set up my equipment and pulled out a number of small paintings and began working on them.

I find it is better if I work on completing small pieces that will only take an hour or two to finish. This way I can stop at any point and talk with the people who come into the show.

I was surprised with the number of people that came out to the show on such a hot and humid day, but with the temperatures remaining unseasonably high for so long, perhaps everyone is simply getting used to the heat.

I am looking forward to another enjoyable day by the Lock tomorrow.