Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Morning Sky 7-10 Four Works in Progress

Today Cindy Allan, Norma MacEachern and Diane Collins took my paintings for me to The Douro-Dummer Library Art Gallery, at  425 Douro Fourth Line Road, in the Hamlet of Douro, Ontario to hang the Countryside Art Group's exhibit.

The show runs from 28 February - 30 April 2017, with the Opening Reception being held on 03 March 17 from 7-8p.m.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to be there, but I hope you will be able to come out for the reception or to view the exhibit.

Morning Sky 7

In the meantime, I thought I would like to work with the semi opaque paint again, that my friend gave to me last year.

I started by mixing the colours I wanted to use in the paintings, a beige of brown and yellow, a dull green of blue and beige, a dark green of blue, yellow and a touch of brown, a pink of red and white, a peach of red and yellow, a mauve of red, blue and white, pure yellow and a light blue made with blue and white.

Morning Sky 8

Next I wet the paper and began blocking in basic shapes on each painting, starting with the peach in the sky to keep something in common with all four pieces.

On some of the skies I added a little of the pink colour, on some I added the mauve, others I added some light blue and in a few I added a little bit of pure yellow.

Morning Sky 9

On one of the paintings I put in a little bit of water with the light blue and a shoreline with the beige.

I also added a few hills into the background of the same painting with the mauve.

Morning Sky 10

Next I started adding in some trees using various combinations of the dull and the dark greens.

I will post each painting at a later date once they are completed.