Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Communion - A Work in Progress

The heat wave continues with the temperature today climbing to 89F (31.7C) and feeling like 95F (35C), so I decided to spend the day painting.

I pulled out this painting (see posts on 09 May and 18 July 2016) that I need to have completed for the 150th Anniversary of the St. John the Baptist Anglican Church Art Show coming up next month.

With a mix of raw sienna and a small amount of burnt sienna I put in the under paint for the horizontal boards on the wall and while the paint was still wet streaked in a pale mix of burnt sienna and French ultramarine blue.

Next I worked on the communion tray using various combinations of the raw sienna mix, burnt sienna, French ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson.

While that was drying I mixed up a warm, dark colour for the table top using French ultramarine blue and both of the siennas.

I applied the paint in horizontal layers, having areas of light and darker colour throughout the top of the table.

For the shadows on the edges of the panels; and for the shadows under the table I used a mix of French ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and alizarin crimson.

First I put in the shadows cast by the edges of the panels and then I started with the shadows beneath the table. I hadn't gotten very far when I realized that if I kept working on this piece I may make a mess of it. So I left it for the night, after all tomorrow is another day.

I will post this painting at a later date once the shadows beneath the table have been completed.