Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Buildings VI-IX

Today I decided to take a drive along Highway 134 and look for interesting buildings to sketch. I was fortunate to find a number of them during the afternoon.

Roadway I

It wasn't long before I found a long roadway leading off the highway to some farm buildings near the top of a hill.

Abandoned House I

As I continued on my way, down in a dip in the road partially hidden in among the tall grass and trees growing up around it there was a small abandoned building with a couple of broken windows and the shingles slowly falling away from the roof.

Street Scene III

Just before lunchtime, I came across a small town and stopped to do a quick sketch of the main street that wound up a hill.

Old Buildings III

I had lunch at the local restaurant which was at the top of the hill. The building was interesting so I did a small outline drawing before I carried on along another road that would take back home.