Thursday, March 10, 2016

Crow Rescue

Due to the warm weather, the ice and snow melting and the temperature dropping overnight we have a very foggy morning. But we are having above another seasonal temperature day at 51F (10.6C).

Today I saw one of my little hawks has arrived back from the south and will be nesting in the hawk box under the eaves on the house.

I have an injured crow to nurse back to health. I saw him this morning when I was filling the bird feeders. Usually the crows fly off when I appear on the front lawn, but this one stayed in the elm tree.

This afternoon he was eating a little and slowly hobbling around; when he stopped he just stood shivering with cold.

I got a small blanket from the house and walked very slowly toward him and he didn't move, not even when I dropped the blanket over him. There was no struggling, he let me wrap him in the blanket and bring him into the house.

It looks as though he was attached by other birds, most of the feathers are off his head and neck, fortunately there is no damage to his eyes although they are weeping and I have cleaned most of the crust from them.

Once he was warm I moved the box out onto the porch with food and water, but he is proving to be an escape artist and has gotten out a couple of times. But he stays quietly even when I pick him up and carry him back and put him in the box.

We will see what tomorrow brings.

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