Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Barn Cat - A Work in Progress

It is another nice, sunny day with the temperature reaching 64F (17.8C) which makes it ideal for going out for a walk and enjoying the changing colours.

My cats usually come out from the barn to greet me in the morning when I go down to the barn chores and wait patiently until I set the dishes out with their food.

With winter just around the corner I am sure that I will have a couple more stray cats coming into the barn for food so that they will be able to survive through the long cold winter.

Usually if I can get them tame enough to be able to capture them I take them to the veterinarian and have them either spayed or neutered so they will not create a multitude of kittens which will have to struggle to survive.

I started on this drawing of a cat and I will post it at a later date once I have completed the outline drawing.

Thank you for coming to look at my artwork.

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