Sunday, September 14, 2014

Loon Call Lake I-VII

Today we took the canoe and went up to Loon Call Lake which is another lake along Ansruther Lake Road and is within the Kawartha Highlands Park. It is less than a mile (1.6km) before Wolf Lake and we had stopped to take a look at it earlier this year (see post on 21 July 2014) as we were heading home.

It is what is known as a Canadian Shield lake which was formed millions of years ago when the continental ice sheets moved, depressing the land and scooping out thousands of lake basins as it carried away most of the soil leaving the bare rock exposed.

Loon Call Lake is a fairly small, long narrow lake compared to some of the other nearby lakes.

Loon Call Lake I

It is approximately three miles (4.8km) in length with an irregular shoreline which in some places drops off sharply and has a number of islands. The lake reaches maximum a depth of 56' (17m) with the average depth being 16' (4.8m).

With it being an infertile lake it is regularly stocked with splake (a cross between lake and brook trout) which is one of the major fish along with bass (both large and small mouth), sunfish and yellow perch.

The launch site is at the northeast end of the lake and as usual we paddled to the end of the lake where we stopped to have lunch.

Loon Call Lake IV

We were in a small inlet and Ron started fishing and I took out my sketchbook to draw while we let the wind and the current carry us back.

Before we were out of the inlet he caught a sunfish and after I had taken it off the hook and released it, with his next cast he caught a 14" large mouth bass which was released back as well.

As usual I made a number of sketches and took reference photographs and will probably at a later date turn them into paintings.

Loon Call Lake V

There are two paintings that I want do in the not too distant future that are both in almost the same location.

Loon Call Lake II

The first one is of a marker which is in the channel between the shore and one of the larger islands. It is of a solar patio light mounted on a post. I thought it was a wonderful idea and I am sure that when it originally had only a plastic marker many boats hit the rock before they could slow down and maneuver away from it.

Loon Call Lake III

The other is of a chair sitting all alone on the rocky island among the tall pines far from the cottage located on the southern side.

Loon Call Lake VI

It wasn't long before the sun was getting low in the horizon and we were back at the launch site.

Loon Call Lake VII

On our way down Highway 28 and stopped in Burleigh Falls to have supper at the Lovesick Lake Restaurant and Grill before returning home.

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