Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Daisies - A Work in Progress

This is a painting I started in the Tuesday afternoon class at KAGS with Emil Varga in watercolour.

Rather than taking the time to carefully draw out very detailed daisies and then masking them with a liquid friskit; we changed things around and did the daisies in a looser style more toward the abstract.

We used masking tape to create the "daisy" flowers by ripping strips for the petals and having them radiating out from a central spot.

I made five main daisies that will show as the white of the paper once the tape is removed.

Then the tape was pressed down firmly onto the paper to prevent the paint bleeding under the tape.

Various blues, yellows, reds and browns were loosely painted into the background in the shape of growing vegetation. The colours were allowed to mix together on the paper forming a wide range of greens, mauve and greys.

I will post this painting again after next week's class when more work on it has been completed.

Thank you for coming to look at my artwork and I hope you will return often.

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